Living in the literal valley between Southwestern Pennsylvania's coal mines and the embarrassing corporate wealth of Pittsburgh's Gilded Age steel mills, my region's antiques inherently document the roots of America's economic disparity. 


I believe there is a kind of spiritual faith that men and women used, and likely still do, to convince themselves to comply with a system that exploits and considers disposable its working class. 


That hope is locked in certain objects and images then used as personal totems in their private lives. Though now mostly anonymous, they serve a wider purpose illustrating the struggles of many. If we're honest, of us all. 


Through the lens of the Mid Atlantic and Rust Belt experience, I hope to contribute to the modern discussion of working class labor's history in this country.


We have not come so far that we can not learn from the parallels. 


I strive to offer archive quality examples with poignancy, to private collections and public institutions alike without barrier. Thank you kindly for supporting that work.